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Term used to describe the damage in a filter whose appearance shows a crushing of the central support for the filter element (Figure 1).

When we find a filter element where a collapse has occurred, the natural tendency is to think that something in the filter did not work correctly, this being the cause of the damage. Generally this is not the cause of the damage, but the symptom of a problem in the engine.


Immediately after an oil change, one of the things that confuse, and many professional mechanics or people who make their own oil changes face, is the lack of oil pressure during engine start. Although not a common occurrence, it is likely that the pump has trapped air in the suction side (which in terms of fluid mechanics is known as loss of prime) during the oil change.

There are different scenarios related to the malfunctioning of the pump oil pressure regulator valve.

Most current automotive use a warning light located in the instrument panel to provide the driver with a visual signal of the low oil pressure. It is important to note this signal, due to the importance for the life of the engine proper pressure level of the oil flow.