There are different scenarios related to the malfunctioning of the pump oil pressure regulator valve.

Normal pressure.




In Figure 1 a lubrication system is observed, in which can be seen: the oil pump, the oil pump pressure regulating valve, the screwed filter and the relief or bypass valve of the filter.

The pressure regulating valve of the pump regulates the flow pressure oil to ensure that it is continuous. Over time this valve suffers wear and may result in two extreme situations: the deformation and / or destruction of the filter or total pressure drop of the oil flow. Both situations are explained in figures 2 and 3 respectively.





Excessive pressure.



Figure 2 shows the operating system with the regulating pressure valve stuck and in the closed position. If this holds, there will be increased pressure in the lubrication system, producing deformation of the filter resulting in that the gasket stops sealing or even produce the filter bursting. All this can cause loss of oil, which results in the engine without proper lubrication.

A filter that bulges is not defective or poorly manufactured, only deformed by excess pressure caused by the clogging of the oil pump pressure regulating valve. In conclusion we can say that the real defect is in the pressure regulating valve, but is reflected in the filter.




Insufficient pressure.




Figure 3 illustrates the system where the pressure regulating valve is in fully open position, in which case the oil returns to the crankcase without going into the filter, activating the warning light due to the pressure drop of the oil flow to the engine.