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Jet-Filter C.A. is an efficient and modern company that manufactures and sells filters for oil, air, fuel, and coolant for the purpose of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in the automotive, agricultural, industrial, and marine sectors. We maintain a quality system whose philosophy is continuous improvement that allows having a trained and motivated staff working as a team. In this way, sufficient dividends that guarantee the permanence in time as a source of work and factor of development of our region and our country are obtained.


Jet-Filter, C.A. has as a quality policy, making oil, air, coolant and fuel filters striving for excellence based on existing requirements within the organization, always working according to the customers, since it is through them that the company survives. To accomplish it the company has the following basic principles:

  1. Do things in the right way since the beginning.
  2. Continuously satisfy our customers, exceeding their expectations for quality through the timely supply of products, technical assistance and best price / value relation.
  3. Train workers to develop skills and knowledge that allow them through the path of productivity, improve their quality of life and be part of the overall progress of the organization and the country.
  4. Continuous improvement of processes and products and comply with all legal regulations for protecting the environment and workers.

Thus the permanence of the company in the market as a reliable source of social welfare is assured.


Jet-Filter, C.A. has a quality system based on ISO-9001.


Jet-Filter, C.A. was founded in Caracas on October 8, 1965 by three young Venezuelan entrepreneurs, located in "La Pastora" Caracas Venezuela with a physical space of 100 square meters. After two years, and due to its remarkable growth, it came to settle in the building "LEMAR" in La Yaguara Caracas in a physical space of 400 square meters. After five years of important work and growth, it was moved to the industrial plant "Mosquera Bernardino" - Caracas with a floor space of 1,200 square meters.

Jet-Filter, C.A. ensures all filters manufactured at its plant against defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty covers any vehicle or machinery which has installed a WEB filter according to the specifications manual and with a proper use and maintenance according to the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.